Hotel history and location

Pandora Hotel is located at and around the old town - Venetian harbour of Chania

The beautiful town of Chania and especially the old harbour of Chania is formed through the centuries by many architectural tendencies, such as the local tradition, with roots in the days of Venetian rule and the impressive architecture of Neo-classism.

Many of these structures are well preserved until today and imposing in the old harbour of Chania, adding a unique atmosphere. Suites Pandora hotel is one of these structures which was originally build in the 17th century and in 1997 it was renovated and transformed in to a unique charm hotel.

In Suites Pandora hotel we have tried to "match" tradition and modern comforts, the practical way of today and the artistic creativity of the past.

Pandora suites is located not only at the historical center of the city but also at the center of day-and-night life of Chania. Most popular souvenir shops , coffee places , taverns and bars of Chania are located at and around the old town - Venetian harbour of Chania.

Chania old town - Venetian harbour

Information and History

The old town of Chania is located on the sea side of the center and leads to the Old harbor where many Venetian and Turkish buildings are well preserved until today.Entering the Old harbor you can see the magnificent Venetian Lighthouse wich was originally built in the 16th century and restored by the Egyptians.

Chania is built on the encient city of Kydonia and it was inhabited from Neothilic times.It was an important city through the Minoan, Roman and Byzantine period.When the Venetians came,the settled in Kasteli area and the city flourished as an economical and intellactuall center until the invetion of Turks in 1645.

After the liberation of Turks in 1897,Chania became the capital of the autonomous Cretan State and in 1913 it was united along with the rest of Crete with the Greek state.

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